Ricon Remote Controlled Wheelchair Lifts and Its Benefits

28 June 2017

If you are interested in converting your van or a minibus into a wheelchair accessible vehicle, then you will be happy to know that Jamieson Auto Fit offers reliable wheelchair conversion service in Victoria. Surprisingly, wheelchair conversion is easier and more affordable than ever, with quality brand Ricon remote controlled wheelchair lifts.

No matter what your wheelchair needs are, you can benefit from the Ricon brand because there are a few types of wheelchair lifts to choose from.

Benefits of Remote Controlled Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts offer nothing less than greater freedom to travel for those dependent on wheelchairs, the other main benefit is that Ricon remote controlled wheelchair lifts meet and exceed all government safety standards, and are whisper-quite while in operation.

Both standard and optional safety features can include the following:

  • An audio or visual warning alert if the lift platform is not level with the vehicle’s flooring or ground, and will prevent the vehicle from shifting into drive.
  • Retaining barriers around the platform’s edges.
  • Handrails for stability and safety.
  • Slip resistant platforms.
  • Interlocks to prevent wheelchair from shifting and moving while vehicle is in motion, or during operation of the lift.
  • Integrated manual backup system if power is unavailable to the wheelchair lift.
  • Choose to use either the remote control or standard hand-held control to operate the vehicle wheelchair lift.

Types of Ricon Remote Controlled Wheelchair Lifts

Ricon makes the highest-quality wheelchair platform lifts for vans, buses, and minibuses. These are designed to meet not only particular needs, but budgets as well, and they are built for convenience and superior strength using only the best materials possible.

Listed below are some of the types of Ricon remote wheelchair lifts available at Jamieson Auto Fit:

Ricon Klearvue Wheelchair Lift – This lift uses a horizontal folding design, which does not obstruct the view of the driver, and because of its compact design no vehicle modifications are needed for the door or roof.

Ricon Clearway Wheelchair Lift – This lift has a split platform, and with just a touched of a button it folds up and out of the way.

Ricon Relient Wheelchair Lift – The compact lift is designed to maximise space, and it’s all steel frame and reliable hydraulic pump are guaranteed to last for years.

If you have any question regarding wheelchair vehicle conversion, wheel chair ramps, fold out ramps systems, or remote controlled vehicle wheelchair lifts, then feel free to contact Jamieson Auto Fit anytime.

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