Ricon Personal Mobility: Wheelchair Lifts for the Handicap

24 September 2015

Vehicles have come a long way from merely being the singular domain of the ‘able bodied’, thankfully. This is attributed to a number of technological innovations that have redefined how vehicles are operated and outfitted; even individuals with certain handicaps are now able to efficiently manoeuvre a vehicle without much difficulty or assistance from others.

However, one of the most nagging and persistent problems for some people who wish or need to drive a vehicle – folks that have limited or restricted mobility, is the difficulty of actually getting into a vehicle. This is especially true if an individual is dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Whether they are individuals who operate a specially modified vehicle or are simply passengers, mobility and ease of access are of paramount importance to everyone, and shouldn’t in any way be limited.

Thankfully, thanks to modern technology, what was once an extremely difficult endeavour for most handicapped individuals has now become a breeze – easily overcome, how is that possible?

Enter wheelchair lifts – a new and revolutionary way to improve the mobility and accessibility of vehicles for the handicap.

Ricon Personal Mobility presents its own brand of wheelchair lifts that combines the best of ergonomics, efficiency, and subtlety. Technically referred to as under ‘vehicle lifts’, Ricon Personal Mobility lifts are specifically designed to be easily manoeuvrable and compact, convenient for everyone. Their reliable and super-durable range of lifts ensures a balanced, safe, and 100% reliable lift for all wheelchair models. Made to exceed industrial-strength standards, these are able to take any weight, of any individual, without fear of accidents.

What makes these mobility lifts different from all other models available on the market? It is their ability to be subtly hidden underneath the vehicle when not in use, making these ideal for vehicles that serve multipurpose roles such as vans. This tuck-away feature also helps to ensure that lifts are always easily accessible when they’re needed, without taking up extra space, and without the need to install and remove the lifts whenever they are needed.

Everyone deserves the ability to get around, and motorised vehicles are more than just transportation, they provide freedom of movement to travel where desired or needed. And, that is important to everyone, especially the handicap who often has difficulty entering and exiting vehicles such as vans.

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