Replace Your Van’s Incandescent Light Bulbs with LED Lights for Practical Reasons

04 July 2019

As new technologies become available, many people are apt to take advantage of utilising them for practical reasons. For example, LED lights are now available for automobiles and are superior to older types of incandescent light bulbs. Unlike incandescent light bulbs that are constructed of glass and that contains gas and a filament to produce light, LED (light emitting diode) lights for vans and cars do not use gas and filaments to burn to produce light.

Instead, LED lights for vans utilise diodes to produce light – electroluminescence. Over the past decade, LED lights have become the preferred lighting solution for both residential and commercial buildings. Because of the tremendous success of LED lights, it was only a matter of time before they have become available to the automotive industry.

Because LED lights are highly durable, produce more light for their size, and last longer than interior incandescent light bulbs for vehicles, vehicle owners are choosing to replace their van’s incandescent light bulbs with LED lights for practical reasons.

Practical Reasons to Replace Your Van’s Incandescent Light Bulbs with LED Lights

For many practical reasons, it just makes sense to replace your van’s incandescent light bulbs with LED lights. LED lights are rugged and will not easily break if the vehicle experiences extreme vibrations, and they have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours – 50 time longer than traditional incandescent automobile light bulbs. Also, LED lights can be mounted and placed in interior and exterior spaces of your van where incandescent light bulbs cannot.

Another reason why many van owners are choosing to switch to LED lights is that they can emit various colours. To produce various colours using older incandescent lights multiple bulbs would be required, while just one LED unit could produce multiple colours.

While the interior of vans are spacious, the ceiling lights of stock vans are typically limited and don’t produce enough light. One solution is to install LED strips or LED tubes as an alternative interior lighting solution, as these can be used to produce as much light and colours of lights as desired. Adding more interior lighting to vans is practical for those who use their vehicles for work, such as tradies and delivery drivers.

If you are interested in replacing your old incandescent light bulbs in your van with new LED lights, to improve the ambience and appearance of your van’s interior, then Jamieson Auto Fit can help you. We specialise in a wide range of vehicle modifications.

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