Reasons Why Custom Vehicle Fitouts are perfect for Tradies

27 September 2017

Thanks to all the hardworking tradies, Victoria is known as a modern, well developed place to live. Tradespeople from all types of industries are here, working and providing necessary services to the public and private sectors, with the help of their vehicles, all type of work is being done. That is why custom vehicle fitouts are perfect for tradies because they can use all the help they can get to organise tools and maximise the space in their vehicles.

There are many benefits and options to choose from to help tradies get their work done, here are a few good examples:

Interior storage solutions to maximise available space – this is one of the most popular fitout options for tradies, as the amount of space that can be made available for tools and equipment, by installing shelving, racks, and roll out drawers, helps them to be more efficient by creating a clutter free environment. Even hidden compartments and pull aways can be custom designed and cleverly fitted into nearly any vehicle’s body, to keep valuables secure and protected from theft.

Roof racks – as an exterior solution for adding extra storage space, roof racks are extremely useful for carrying equipment that is either too large to fit inside the vehicle, or for materials that could leave undesired odours or remains, or that may damage the inside of a vehicle while driving.

Installing cargo barriers – because tradespeople often carry materials for use with their trade, cargo barriers are ideal for use alongside other storage options, as a way to keep larger items secure while the vehicle is in motion. These help to not only protect the interior of a vehicle from damage from items shifting if the vehicle makes a sudden and unexpected stop, but it also protects the driver and any passenger from being harmed by loose objects flying forward too.

Vehicle seat alterations – whether it is re-positioning or removing vehicle seating, more room can be made available. Most tradies don’t often carry more than one passenger, and by removing unused seating, more space can be made available for tools, equipment and materials. Also, instead of removing seating, seats can be altered to better accommodate the driver and passengers. These can be raised or lowered, or moved forward or back to make more leg room available for taller people.

If you are a trades person, and you are interested in storage solutions for your car, truck, or van, to make your job easier, then come visit us here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can show you many ways to easily add more space to your vehicle.

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