Racking & Shelving Systems for Vans and Station Wagons

25 February 2014

Having the proper installations in your van can help you in the making of a more efficient working environment, and if you use your van for business, you would be able to show a more professional look to your potential customers. If your work requires you to transport tools, equipment, and goods from one site to another, it would make perfect sense to have your van upgraded with the right racking and shelving systems.

You can make your work more organized if your racks and shelves were installed with your needs and requirements and type of work all keenly considered. Having a messy work area can put off some potential clients. Plus, after a long day at work, the last thing that you want to do is worry about your equipment. With a highly organized van installed with the proper shelves, organizing your stuff at the end of the working day will be easier and faster.

With a highly organized van with shelves, you can save a lot of time. Knowing where all your tools and products are greatly reduces stress at work, boosts efficiency levels, and creates a safer, more relaxed work environment. Rather than grope for the specific tool that you need, it would be great if could find the right tool fast. With shelves and racks, you would be able to create the most ideal workspace for yourself.

Let us take a look at the kind of enhancements that you can do with your van:

Bulkheads and partitions. You may have slammed your brakes every once in a while. During these immediate stops, the cargo that you are carrying may shift and topple causing damage and potential losses to your earning. That is why you need a bulkhead. The bulkhead brings additional safety and organisation to your van by keeping your load where it they should be, right at the back of the van.

Shelves. The right shelves in your van can g a long way. Shelves help you to organize and allow you to easily find the tool that you need. Drawers and bins provide additional storage for smaller items. The main goal of having these shelves installed is to make best use of the interior space of your vehicle, organize your tools and equipment so that you’d be able to find them easily, and to provide protection for delicate and expensive load.

Storage units designed specifically for your van can provide you with a list of different storage solutions. Not only can you keep tiny parts into custom-sized drawers, you can also install locked compartments for additional security. Generally, drawers help you organize all your stuff and this can make the back of your van look more professional and accessible.

Van shelving systems offer the following advantages:

  • •  More storage capacity even for odd-sized materials
  • •  Better and faster inventory control
  • •  Lessens overstocking of items and boosts space for most used products
  • •  Highly adjustable
  • •  Maximizes working space and easy access to all items
  • •  Enhances productivity which eventually increases your profits

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