Practical Racking and Shelving Combo Ideas for Your Cargo Van

28 February 2017

Cargo or panel vans are ideal as work vehicles when they contain the necessary accessories to organise your tools and supplies in a neat and safe manner. Today, you can combine racks, shelves and drawers in various configurations to suit your needs when you choose to custom outfit your van. When you install the right one of the numerous practical racking and shelving combo ideas that are available in your vehicle, you can store hammers, screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches, screws, bolts, nuts and more in the back of your van without them rolling around or being one big mess when you stop at a work site.

A List of Suggestions:

1. Racks of Shelves on Each Side

You may require only racks of shelves on each side of your van to secure your tools or other work equipment. This is the simplest form of effective organisation aids for your van. Just line each side of the back with the number of shelves that you need for your purposes.

2. Racks With Drawers Instead of Shelves

When you need to store a lot of small items such as screws, bolts, nuts or other fasteners, you may need racks that contain individual drawers in place of shelves. By installing this choice, you can separate each item into its own drawer.

3. Racks with Shelves and Drawers

If the above two suggestions do not suit your purposes, another choice is a combination of shelves and drawers on the racks. On each rack section, you can have both of these storage elements or you may select to have one rack with drawers and the other one with shelves.

4. Units With Large Cargo Drawers

A fourth choice is to install units with large cargo drawers in them in the back of your van. Drawers such as these are ideal for hoses, rolls of wire or cable and other bulky supplies.

5. Design Your Own Combination to Suit Your Needs

The last suggestion we offer you is that you can design your own, unique combination of racking, shelves and drawers to fit your specific needs. Take one of the above options and expand on it to add your own features that enhance the usability of your van in the ideal manner for your daily duties.

For further assistance and information on practical racking and shelving combo ideas for your van, turn to Jamieson Auto Fit. We specialise in all types of vehicle custom fitouts and conversions.

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