Pets Deserve Utmost Care with Quality-Custom Made Cargo Barriers

15 November 2017

Do you have a furry friend that likes to go on rides in the back of your truck, van or car? If you do, then you might be in the market for a special-made cargo barrier. When you haul your furry buddy, be it a large dog or a crated kitty, you don’t want them to be in the same area as whatever cargo you are carrying. This obviously makes it difficult to bring your pet with you while carrying other supplies! This is where many people turn to high quality, custom-made cargo barriers. Fitting out your vehicle with a cargo barrier may seem like a big step, but it’s actually an easy and beneficial process.

What is a cargo barrier?

A simple question deserves a simple answer! A cargo barrier is the answer to all of your dual-cargo carrying needs. If you carry around supplies in the back of your vehicle but also need to transport a pet, or perhaps more ‘breakable’ supplies, then a cargo barrier is the solution that you need. Cargo barriers are essentially caged partitions that help to separate one type of cargo from the next. These cargo barriers can come in a variety of different designs and they can be custom fabricated for your own material. Let’s briefly run over the differences between primary barrier systems.

Custom Barriers – This is what we are talking about today. High quality, customised cargo barriers are made and tailored to the make and model of your car. Whether you want a barrier in the trunk area of the vehicle or the backseat, these barriers can be made to order.

Universal Barriers – These barriers are cheaper and less effective as they come in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. While universal barriers can be a solution for some customers, they aren’t preferred when a customised option is on the table.

Why choose a custom cargo barrier?

Consider that you are making a big move. The back of your van is filled with boxes, but your big pet dog has to ride in the back also. Rather than letting your dog sit free with the luggage, possibly leading to an injury if anything were to shift, you could rely instead on a mesh or grilled cargo barrier. This barrier prevents your luggage from ever coming into contact with your dog — thus making the luggage and your pet safer as a result.

Customised cargo barriers are a great solution to a ton of travel problems. Talking to a professional vehicle fitout operation is the best way to get your barrier installed.

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