Pet Cargo Barriers: Your Animal-Friendly Solution while On the Go

07 March 2016

When there is good weather on the horizon, and you have plans to take a holiday trip with your loyal loved one – your dog, then you should consider making the trip comfortable for everyone with cargo barriers for pets.

Planning for a road trip is one thing, planning for a road trip with your pet is another. While people do go on road trips with their animals, often, little preparation for their accommodations is rarely ever planned in advance. What happens next is obvious – the pet gets tossed in the back of the vehicle on top of everything else that’s been packed, or they must sleep on the flooring between the front and back seats.

Most of the time, travelling pets end up taking two seat spaces when on road trips, seats meant for people passengers. This becomes an unexpected problem, as some pets at the last-minute don’t get to come along on trips, because of lack of proper space for them. But, that doesn’t have to happen to you and your pooch, because there is an easier and much friendlier way to accommodate your dog’s travel needs, using pet cargo barriers.

Pet Cargo Barriers

It is expected that dogs and cats get nervous when travelling inside automobiles, they get agitated and will begin to move about sporadically in an attempt to get comfortable, or to try to find a way out. Because of this, securing pets while on a road trip is a big concern. Pet cargo barriers are the best, because it can give your pet dog a defined space for them to move around and get comfortable. It will keep them safe, by preventing them from getting injured while your car, SUV or van is in motion.

To make your vehicle ‘pet-friendly’ for travel, you can visit Jamieson Auto Fit, we specialise in the installation of cargo barriers, vehicle seat alterations, extra seating and vehicle storage solutions. If you would like to create a special, safe space in your vehicle for your pet, or dedicated a space to carry cargo, then we can help.

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