Notable Features of a High-Quality Cargo Barrier

13 January 2021

Car manufacturers have already allotted ample space for the storage of cargo and other things. However, these spaces are not protected enough to save the interiors from bumps and other damages that they may obtain out of moving cargo. As a remedy, most car owners would install additional fittings to make sure that their cars will be protected and free from costly damages.

One of the additional fittings that car owners would normally obtain is the cargo barrier. Cargo barriers are steel barricades that can be installed behind the front or rear seat. The purpose of these barricades is to hold and maintain bags, luggage, and other things on their intended location. With the presence of these fittings, heavy things that are behind the passengers will not fly towards them or other vehicles if ever the car with cargo suddenly stops from a very high speed or has bumped into barriers, cars, and others.

If you want to install a cargo barrier in your vehicle, then make sure that it has the following features.

Compliance to AS 4034

One of the most important features of a cargo barrier is that it must be produced in line with the Australian Standards or AS 4034. Following this specific standard allows you to feel safe and secure as you load your cargo in your vehicle. Noncompliance of the cargo barrier, which is hugely not recommended, can be a great risk not only to you and your passengers but also to others on the road.

Customised Fit

High-quality cargo barriers are recommended to be customised so they can easily fit in any types and makes of vehicles. Customised barriers are also suitable for most car owners since they can easily meet their needs and preferences, especially if they want to use the cargo barriers for specific purposes. The presence of powder-coated steel mesh is also a welcome addition to custom cargo barriers. Cargo barriers that have rounded frames can likewise make them great for vehicle use.

Access Windows

Another feature of a high-quality cargo barrier is the existence of an access window. This specific provision can be very useful for small children and even pets whenever they need to get out and escape of the said fitting. The access window can be coupled with a small hammer so it can break through surfaces that are made from either glass or metal.

Needed Compatibility 

When choosing a cargo barrier, you must find one that is hugely compatible with your needs. Some cargo barriers come in half-piece systems, while others are in full one-piece systems. Aside from their systems, you must choose a cargo barrier that is compatible with your existing side airbag features. Incorporating the cargo barriers to your existing features can help ensure safety and reliability.

To obtain your own high-quality cargo barriers for your vehicle, then feel free to coordinate with us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have over 28 years of experience in providing vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services to Australian vehicle owners and members of the automotive industry.


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