New Family Van: Consider Vehicle Seat Alterations to Match Your Needs

15 January 2019

Of all the types of vehicles for families to use, it is the van that stands out as being the most accommodating. While stock vans offer enough seating for most new families, as time passes and the size of families grow, vehicle seat alterations are needed to match the growing need of more seating.

A new family van actually becomes better after a seat conversion. Stock vans can get more than a little cramped after a while as a family grows in number. Instead of buying a new family van, money can be saved by improving an existing vehicle with a custom van conversion.

Custom Vehicle Seat Alterations to Match the Needs of Your Family

The best way to meet the growing needs of your family is a custom van conversion because it will improve its functionality and make it more comfortable. With more seating installed, or having seats arranged to accommodate individual family members’ needs, you can comfortably fit the whole family and be ready for your next holiday trip.

If you have a growing family and need extra seating installed in your van, then Jamieson Autofit can help you. Vehicle customisation is very popular today, and for good reason, mainly because it is cheaper than buying a new van that will ‘hopefully’ better meet your needs. Although, just because a van is new doesn’t mean that it will be more functional than your current van.

At Jamieson Auto Fit, every vehicle alteration we conduct is guaranteed to meet or exceed all safety standards, whether it is a drivers’ seat alteration, seat removal, altering the seating configuration in a vehicle, or adding extra seating to accommodate more passengers.

Do you feel that you are outgrowing your family van? If your kids are getting bigger, and you find that their friends are often riding along on the trip to school, or you enjoy taking family road trip but you are lacking enough seating or room for more passengers and cargo, then might want to seriously consider adding extra seating rather than buying a new vehicle.

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can help you to determine the perfect seating alteration to meet your family’s specific needs. If you have a budget then we will work with you to stay within your spending limit.

To learn more about vehicle seat alterations for your van, call us today. We have vehicle alteration specialist who can answer any question you have about your vehicle’s make and model.

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