Modification for Commercial and Domestic Vehicles in Victoria: Why is it a Practical Choice?

04 June 2019

Vehicle modifications are a great way to invest in commercial and domestic vehicles in Victoria, much the same way as buying a home. Compared to real-estate, buying a vehicle is the next most important purchase that is why vehicle modification should be a practical choice for any car owner.

There are many vehicle modification options available, for both commercial and domestic vehicles. While the needs of commercial and domestic vehicles are not always the same, some of the most common vehicle modifications are seat alterations, wheelchair conversions, vehicle storage solutions, and adding cargo barriers.

The main purpose of a vehicle modification is to suit the transportation needs of the vehicle owner, and to increase the functionality and value the vehicle.

For owners of commercial and domestic vehicles, there are some factors to consider before deciding to have vehicle alterations or customisation done. At Jamieson Auto Fit, we can help you determine which vehicle modifications are best suited for your commercial or domestic car or van. Below is a list of the most popular commercial and domestic vehicle modification available:

• Seat modifications – whether it is adding extra seating, removing seats, or changing the position of seating in a vehicle, to meet either commercial or domestic needs, all seating modifications need to meet government safety regulations before vehicles can drive on the road.

• Wheelchair conversions – many commercial vehicles such as taxis, shuttle vans and minibuses are modified to accommodate wheelchair access for passengers. Domestic vehicles can also have wheelchair conversions done to transport loved ones, even without removing them from their wheelchairs! Wheelchair conversions include ramps and safety straps, and vehicles must also meet strict governmental safety regulations before they can drive on the road.

• Vehicle storage solutions – with many storage options available, commercial and domestic vehicle owners can choose to add racks, shelving, and cargo drawers to better organise their vehicles for business or personal use.

• Cargo Barriers – these will effectively divide your vehicle’s storage into separate sections, making the interior of your car or van suitable for carrying luggage, tools, equipment, and even pets safely.

To determine if any of these modifications will accommodate your vehicle, you can visit Jamieson Auto Fit. One of our vehicle modification experts can determine if your commercial or domestic vehicle is large enough for the desired customisation. Once it is determined that your vehicle can accommodate the modification you want, we will calculate the cost of the project at no charge.

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