Key Elements to Consider when Adding Van Shelving

25 May 2021

The available storage space of the vans is often enough for normal users. As a matter of fact, some owners of these vans would still have some vacant spaces on the back for extra storage.

But there are van users who would need to integrate additional storage space for their vans. Some would opt to remove some seats on the back and leave the space for cargo storage. Others, on the other hand, would take one step further and add additional shelving on the back.

And for these conversions to be possible, they would typically coordinate with contractors that can provide excellent van conversions and installation of accessories. If you want to add durable and quality shelving for your van, then here are some key elements that you must consider.

Total Storage Space

One element that you should consider when adding van shelving is your needed storage space. Van shelving can be created with different specifications and dimensions. Some may boast a small form factor, while others can be expansive. Your needed storage space for your shelving typically depends on the type of products, cargo, equipment pieces, and other things that you intend to bring. If you need to bring a lot of products and you want to store them properly, then adding van shelving is a must.

Available Van Space

Van shelving must fit perfectly inside the vehicle to prevent it from causing more damages and problems in the long run. Hence, you must know the exact dimensions of your van space, particularly in the area where you intend to add the van shelving. The height of the van roof, as well as the amount of car space available, must all be identified and provided to the contractor.

Overall Accessibility

Another element that you must consider when adding van shelving is its accessibility. As previously mentioned, the van shelving’s specifications can be modified entirely, especially if it is being offered by your chosen contractor. Hence, you can request modifications that would allow the shelving to be accessible whenever you want to get some products or items. The presence of adequate partition and other similar elements on your van shelving prevents you from misplacing any parts and products.

Daily Drive Route

It may be unusual to consider the daily drive route for your van shelving but knowing it can make a huge difference. Many products are often installed at the back of the van. Even with proper placement, they would still move around as you drive and travel. Fortunately, the addition of van shelving can easily balance the weight of the van as you travel on various types of roads. The handling of the van is likewise improved with van shelving, even though the drive route is lengthy.

Van Shelving Materials

As for the materials of the van shelving itself, you may want to opt for aluminium and steel due to their great properties and characteristics. Both metal materials have durable surface. They can likewise withstand forces and elements that can be damaging to the cargo and van load. Aluminium, however, can consume less fuel than the other since it is lightweight.

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