Is Your Vehicle Customised for Your Children’s Safety? Important Factors to Consider in Children’s Safety Seats

03 June 2015

The law requires that children be secured while riding motorized vehicles. Because of this, some vehicle owners have needed to install customized safety seats in their cars. Safety seats are paramount in ensuring that children are best secured while riding in a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, vehicles that have lacked proper children’s safety seats have resulted in serious injury and death.

The consequences of neglecting to meet the latest safety standards for child safety seating is not worth the risk, the ideal safety seating for children is determined by the age, weight and size of a child. Choosing the right children’s safety seats is a complicated issue and should consider several important factors.

The age and weight of children is a major consideration when choosing children’s safety seats. An infant-only seat is the best fit for newborns, and experts highly recommend that the safety seat should not move an inch to the side or front of the vehicle. For bigger children, the harness system is best. And, it must meet all applicable Australian Safety Standards, but safety experts concur that the five-point harness provides the best protection for children of all ages.

When installing customized children’s seating for your car, vehicle operators need to make sure that the harnesses are accessible and easy to adjust so children can be strapped properly, without any fuss. For added protection, children’s car seats with two-piece retainer clips are the best option, because it would be difficult for children to unfasten the clips on their own.

Your Child’s Safety is the Main Concern at Jamieson Auto Fit

Your children’s safety is paramount, and it just makes sense that parents worry that they have the age appropriate children’s safety seats for their vehicle. Not to worry, Jamieson Auto Fit has the experience and skills to help you find the best car seat solution for your children. They can design and install children’s safety seats that meet all safety standards and are guaranteed to provide the best protection for your kids.

Types of Custom Car Seating

Custom car seating features include matching trim, reclining ability, headrests and these can easily be removed and installed as needed. Jamieson Auto Fit even provides custom care seating for children and adults with special needs with their wheelchair conversion services, which includes vehicle lifts and ramps.

If you are interested in custom children’s safety seats, the modern workshop of Jamieson Auto Fit in Melbourne will check how much room you have in the car and will then design the safest children’s car seats accordingly. You are invited to contact them today to discuss your seating requirements, and you can expect the friendly folks there to help you customise your vehicle’s seating in accordance with all applicable standards.

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