Install Extra Van Storage for Increased Productivity in Delivering Products and Services

03 September 2019

For anyone who uses their van for delivering products and services, increasing productivity is crucial for success. The best way to do this is to install extra van storage for increased productivity in delivering products and services.

Installing customised storage solutions for your van will give you an edge over the competition and help your business to be more successful. Even though vans offer more open interior storage space than cars, the space is not organised or optimised in a way that will increase productivity when delivering your products and services.

Types of Van Storage to Increase Productivity in Delivering Products and Services

There are various types of van storage solutions available that can make the storage space in your van more efficient by giving you greater access to products, parts, and cargo you carry. Most vans used for delivery lack any storage features that will secure cargo safely. Delivery van modifications, such as installing vertical shelving and cargo drawers, are very effective at creating and organising storage space within your van to increase productivity.

Extra van storage, such as cargo drawers and vertical shelving, will help you to organise your products, tools, equipment, and goods in a far more efficient way than just an open van bay. Not only will extra van storage help you organise the things you haul, but it also makes loading and unloading cargo into your van easier and safer.

Loading and unloading cargo daily can be difficult on one’s back, with the risk of injury increasing after every delivery. One way to make van delivery service safer is to install cargo drawers for vans. These help to reduce the risk of back injury when delivering products and services, while at the same time increasing productivity.

By installing cargo drawer, it eliminates the need for one to lean over into the van’s bay to reach cargo. Instead, simply pull out the cargo drawers to access the items you need, which also saves time loading and unloading items into your van.

Vehicle shelving is another way to optimise the storage space in your van to be more productive. Custom vehicle shelving for vans can be installed to meet very specific needs. For example, vertical shelving for vans can be installed to carry wine bottles, glass products, or other fragile items.

Whatever your storage requirements may be, at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can install extra van storage to meet your specific needs.

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