Infant Car Seat Safety Check: The Importance of Reliable Safety Equipment for Kids

02 April 2019

Having infants or small children in your vehicle should be a serious concern, as there is always a possibility of an accident occurring. If you must travel with an infant in your vehicle, then you will need to take the necessary precaution of installing a baby car seat. Baby car seats are easily obtainable and can even be bought for a relatively cheap price. However, not all infant car seats are made alike.

If you have an infant or small child and want to ensure their safety during travel, consider the following:

• Material – many infant car safety seats are made from cheap, hardened plastic with only a little padding here and there. While these are a popular choice due to its affordability and seemingly safe appearance, cheap infant care safety seats can be more harm than help. Look for infant car seats that are made from alloy or impact-resistant plastic.

You want to make sure that they are riveted in areas that may experience the most stress or movement, and that they are properly padded for the comfort and safety of your child.

• Construction – the construction can vary greatly in infant car seats. This is because different brands of car safety seats for children have different aesthetics and cater to different demographics. Regardless of the brand, make sure that the overall construction of your infant car seat is solid. Don’t settle for cheaply welded joins or merged plastic and metal parts.

Make sure that the item is made from a singular material, or, if it isn’t, that it is securely riveted and that it does not have any sharp, jagged, or protruding edges that may be harmful to your child.

• Stability – above all else, make sure that the safety seat you purchase provides excellent stability during transit. It should not budge or buckle, and must provide a secure hold. This will ensure that the safety chair stays in place in the event of a collision. You should also check the release straps of infant car seat models, to make sure that your child cannot tamper with it, but it is still easy enough to unbuckle in case you need to quickly grab your child and head to safety in an emergency.

Infants and small children can be a hand-full no matter the setting, but they can be even more troublesome during travel-time in a motorised vehicle. If you want to keep them safe, secure, and out-of-the-way to prevent any accidents, investing in a quality and reliable infant car seat is a must.

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