Important Things to Consider Before Installing Car Roof Racks

20 September 2019

If you have ever wanted additional legroom in your vehicle but found it difficult to find a good place to stow away the items you need to carry around, then you might want to consider installing car roof racks. Roof racks are an effective means of expanding the storage capacity of a vehicle and allowing for even large and cumbersome items to be transported.

Roof racks are modifiable racks that are mounted on the roof of your vehicle to free up space inside vehicles, or to carry items too large to fit into the interior cargo space. Depending on the variety, a roof rack can be temporarily fixed or permanent attached to the roof your car, mini bus, SUV, or van. Originally made of wood, most car roof racks today are made of lightweight reinforced aluminium, chromium steel, stainless steel, or hardened plastic.

If you would like to free up more space in your car for passengers, or to increase your cargo space capacity, then there are some things you have to consider before having a roof rack installed on your vehicle.

A Quick Guide to Roof Racks

Prior to having roof racks installed in your vehicle, here are some things you should consider first:

• Your vehicle’s maximum roof load rating – before choosing the type of roof rack, you should first know your vehicle’s maximum roof load rating, the information should be located in the vehicle owner’s manual. If you can’t find the information, vehicle modification specialist at Jamieson Auto Fit can assist you.

• Roof rack load limit – the second thing to consider are the types of loads you will be carrying, as there are various types of roof racks and carry bars that also have maximum carrying capacities. So, it is important to make sure that you install roof racks that can handle the total weight of the load you plan to place on them, and that does not exceed your vehicle’s maximum roof load rating.

After considering the maximum roof load rating of your vehicle, and the carrying capacity of various roof racks, if is possible to safely increase the total load capacity of your car, van, minibus, or SUV. Installing a new roof rack will also improve the comfort and seating capacity of your vehicle by freeing much needed leg room.

If you are unsure which type of roof rack to install, then consult with professionals at Jamieson Auto Fit.

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