How to Repurpose Your Vehicle with Some Accessories and Modifications

20 November 2019

Your car serves the purpose of providing transportation to your family or business. With your car, you get to travel from one place to another without interacting with other commuters. This very factor is the same as your commercial vehicles. If you are in a delivery business, your car may still perform as it should be. The stock specifications and design of your car may be still suitable and functional for you, but there are a lot more things that it can do for you. Through the help of the following accessories and modifications, you can repurpose your vehicle according to your needs in the long run.

Cargo Barriers

When your vehicle stores numerous things, there is a high chance that these things just wobble and collide to each other while the vehicle is moving at uneven speed in bumpy terrain. Luckily, cargo barriers can put up a restriction and restraints over these things. These accessories, which are mostly made of either metal mesh or polycarbonate, can help protect the passengers from serious injuries caused by moving or flying objects. Cargo barrier feature safety straps and strong fittings to ensure the safety of the objects as well as the people inside the vehicle.

Cargo Drawers

Aside from cargo barriers, you can also install cargo drawers for ease and comfort. These drawers can save your time in finding and accessing goods and equipment since you can locate them right away. They are installed inside your vehicle to ensure a smooth transfer and perfect storage of objects and cargo inside your vehicle, without causing any damage. Moreover, cargo drawers reduce the possibility of any injuries or medical emergencies, medical expenses and other related things. Ultimately, it can reduce the deterioration of your vehicle interior.

Roof Racks

If you don’t want to install additional storage compartments inside your vehicle, then roof racks are the best option for you. Roof racks can be installed on the roof of your car to carry and secure bulky items. These modifications can help you carry items of all types as long as they can fit on the size of the rack. They also provide legroom to the passengers since the objects inside your car are minimised. This untouched legroom can be an advantage if you install a roof rack as things won’t be flying inside your car when the driver suddenly hit the brakes.

Bull Bars

As the search for safety continues, one accessory that can help you gain safety for you and your passengers is by installing bull bars. Bull bars are designed to absorb impact from any collision impact and create wind resistance. The design evolution of bull bars enables them to hold other accessories like spotlights and radio antennas. These bars are best suitable if you want to travel off-road or in areas where livestock on roads are common.

Nudge Bars

Contrary to the bull bars, nudge bars are intended for cars found in urban areas. A nudge bar is made up of either aluminium or polycarbonate that can protect you against minor collisions, scratches, and bumps. This specific bar can also help you lessen injuries of the pedestrian in case of collisions, protect the radiator grille, and other components found in front of your car. Just like bull bars, these nudge bars can also hold accessories such as driving lights and CB antennas.

Van Windows

Side mirrors are used to check the surroundings when driving a vehicle. These mirrors can spot the vehicles behind you and are useful when switching to another lane. However, some vehicles like closed vans don’t have enough visibility when compared to regular vehicles. This makes van windows an essential accessory for van owners out there. These windows can improve the visibility and safety of drivers since they reduce blind spots in the vehicle.


Need some accessories for towing? Then towbars and towing accessories can do the action for you. In case you need to tow a vehicle, or heavy equipment, towbars and the accompanying accessories can convert your vehicle into a medium that can carry the weight of your equipment. These accessories can be installed behind your car chassis to ensure full pulling support from the entirety of your vehicle.

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