How to Maintain and Improve the External Lighting of Your Car?

06 August 2021

The external lighting of your car boasts numerous significant purposes that can guarantee your safety. For one, it can increase the visibility of your car on the road, ensuring that other vehicles can easily recognise your presence. The external lighting of your car can likewise allow pedestrians to see you from a distance, preventing them from suddenly crossing the street.

Various parts of your car’s external lighting carry out different significant functions. Your headlamps allow you to see the roadway, especially in the dark. Your taillights, alternatively, are found at the rear portion of your vehicle to signal drivers behind you about your distance from them. Brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights, signal lights, and hazard flasher lights are some more light fittings that are found outside your car.

Given the importance of your car’s external lighting, you should always have it maintained. You must even improve it whenever you got the chance. Here are some tips that you can do to maintain and improve your car’s external lighting.

Check Vital Components

Your external lights are connected to certain system components for them to work optimally. If some of these system components become faulty, then your external lighting will not work based on its primary purposes. Problems related to a fuse, switch, wiring, or the entire circuit board can cause all your lights to become defective. A turn signal flasher that has been damaged can then prevent the turn signals from flashing appropriately. Checking these components regularly prevents these issues from happening.

Replace Faulty Bulbs

The bulbs used for exterior lights are designed to last for a long time. However, given the frequency of their usage, some tend to burn out and become faulty after years of maximising them. Replacing them right away helps your car remain roadworthy since significant external light fittings will now work. Vehicles and pedestrians nearby will now obtain accurate signals from your car since all external light fittings are working and functioning properly.

Examine Light Lenses

The lenses of your light bulbs are constantly hit by various external elements such as rocks, bugs, grit, and road debris. While they are rated to withstand these elements, repetitive exposure to the same elements every day can still take a toll on their overall condition. Some light lenses may fade and discolour, while others might even deteriorate and crack. Cleaning them can be a temporary solution to these issues. However, it would be better if they will be replaced as soon as possible.

Wash the External Lights

Part of the maintenance works for your car’s external lighting is cleaning. The elements from the surroundings may bombard your external lights, which can affect their overall performance and functionality. Fortunately, you can use a damp cloth to wipe away dust particles, dirt, animal droppings, mud, and others. If cleaning them thoroughly do not improve the condition of the lights, then it would be best for these elements to be replaced or serviced by professionals.

When replacing the external lights of your car, you must ensure that they come from a reliable provider. If you need quality external lighting for your car, you can contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit.

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