How to Choose the Best Wheelchair Van for Your Wheelchair

26 May 2014

Choosing a wheelchair van can be pretty overwhelming, and this is especially true if you have never had to undergo the process. Knowing what to look for and having a sales rep that you can trust are very important starts to making a great choice! The process does not have to be stressful.

Your physician can help you consider some things you may not have otherwise thought of. You will want to make a physical list of all of the important features you are looking for, and then list those you would like to have. This helps you later in the negotiations process.

You will need to clarify whether your needs will have to accommodate a chair that is ambulatory or scooter. Are you looking for side or rear entry, and how much seating flexibility will you need?

Rear entries are a little bit cheaper than side entry vehicles in most cases. Ground entrance vans will offer a bit more ground clearance. Side entry scooter friendly vans are usually the ones that offer the best seating availability. Of course if you are willing to pay for it, you can have any model customized to meet your needs.

Consider the parking limitations that the wheelchair vans you are considering may cause. Will the van fit in your garage? Will there be easy access in areas that you go. Parallel parking, vehicle access and handicapped parking availability are all issues to be considered. Ramp accessibility must also be considered. Try to come to a general conclusion on the height, length and width that you can deal with.

Finally, make sure that you have a good sales rep working with you. A wheelchair van is a financial commitment, so knowing you get exactly what you need is important. You will also need to know exactly what you need before going to the dealers. How else can you get a good price or make a deal? Having a general idea is enough to get a good sales rep to help you figure out the rest.

Unless you have a dealer or manufacturer preference, it is time to do your homework on the companies that you are considering using. You want to get with someone who is trying to help you while avoiding those who are just trying to get you into the highest priced van to meet their quota. Believe it or not these paces do still exist, but thanks to the internet and client reviews avoiding hem is a lot easier.

Now that you have scratched the bad guys off of you r list make a few calls or get online and compare deals. That will narrow your list down even more. After this has been completed it is time to hit the pavement.

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