How to Choose Good Quality Wheelchair Lifts for Your Van

14 February 2018

If you want to make your van wheelchair accessible, then you need to choose a good quality wheelchair lift to install. Wheel chair lifts are what make it possible for wheelchair users to easily access their vehicles, which is why finding a good quality one is so important. The first step to take before choosing a wheelchair lift for your van is to decide if you want to use it to access the rear cargo doors, or through the side doors?

Deciding Which Type of Quality Wheelchair Lift to Use for Your Van

Whether it is installing wheelchair lifts in the rear or side of vans, choosing the entry point will help in narrowing the choice of the type of quality lifts that meet wheelchair users’ needs. The second step to take has to do with the combined weight of the wheelchair user and their wheelchair.

The total combined weight will help determine if a dual arm lift, or a single arm wheelchair lift is required. Single arm lifts are typically mounted in a fixed position and can support up to 600 pounds of weight. Although the weight capacity is limited to 600 pounds, single and sliding lifts take up less space and allow for more room to move, compared to dual-arm lifts that can handle more weight capacity of up to 800 pounds.

The disadvantage of single/sliding wheelchair lifts, other than their weight capacity limitations, is that these are limited to side-entry applications and are not ideal for use with larger wheelchairs. One of the other advantages of dual-arm wheelchair lifts is that they are sturdier and provide more stability, ideal for larger people and heavier wheelchairs.

Because dual-arm wheelchair lifts take up more space than single arm wheelchair lifts, these are typically mounted in the rear entrance of vans. Both of these types of wheelchair lifts are internally mounted. There are under-vehicle mounted wheelchair lifts as well, but tend to cost considerably more than internally mounted ones. However, depending on the type and brand of under-vehicle mounted wheelchair lifts, these can actually restrict, limit, or block entrance.

Auto Fit Out Specialists can Help You Choose Good Quality Wheelchair Lifts for Your Van

Because there are many brands and models of wheelchair lifts for vans available, it is highly advised to consult with professional auto fit out specialists at Jamieson Auto Fit. Auto fit out specialists can determine which type of wheelchair lift will best accommodate you and your van.

For enquiries, please contact Jamieson Auto Fit, we can help you decide the best quality wheelchair lifts that are best for you.

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