How to Avoid Most Common Car Seat Installation Mistakes

26 November 2020

A lot of car owners would want to expand the number of children that can sit on the backside of their cars. And so, they would acquire car seat installations that can match their needs and preferences. Added car seats may still possess features present on stock car seats, but their customisability allows them to be more versatile and adaptable compared to others.

Almost all custom car seat installations still adhere to the safety standards set by the authorities. However, some installations have not been checked thoroughly, which then promotes some mistakes and crucial lapses. Car seat installation mistakes do happen. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to avoid the most common car seat installation mistakes.

Check the Car Seat Firmness

Ideally, car seats must not move more than one inch in any direction. To confirm if your car seats have been installed properly, you must grip the seat at or near the belt path and check if they do not move more than the recommended movement. If the car seats have moved more than an inch outward or side to side, then you may want to have them checked again for safety purposes. The firmness and stability of your car seats can ensure that the passengers will not be displaced if ever accidents occur.

Position the Shoulder Straps

Another common car seat installation mistake is the improper positioning of shoulder straps. Since most of these added seats are for children, then you must position the shoulder straps that will not cause some harm. With rear-facing seats, the shoulder straps must be located through slots that are at or below the shoulders of your children. For front-facing seats, alternatively, they must be at or above the shoulders of your children. Improper positioning of shoulder straps can be dangerous for your children.

Review the Belt Path or Route

Convertible safety seats can be changed from being rear- into forward-facing. Additionally, they also boast numerous slots for the path or route that will be taken by the seat belts. To avoid instances of entangled seat belts, you may want to check the instruction manual for their proper routing. You may also call for professional help so you can assure that the extra car seats are truly safe and functional. After all, you do not want to find your children being strangled by the seat belts.

Test the Tightness of HarnessĀ 

Since the safety of the children is prioritised, you must make sure that they are buckled securely and will not just slide off the car seats. Once the harness is buckled, you must now perform a test that will confirm its tightness. If you can still pinch some extra webbing out of the harness, then you may have to check and tighten it again until it becomes perfectly suitable for your children. A loose harness does not work well with children and can even risk their lives.

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