How to Acquire the Most Suitable Wheelchair Conversion Type for Your Vehicle?

04 November 2021

The existence of wheelchairs enables people who have difficulties in walking to be guided effectively. These assistive devices allow them to work, study, engage in social activities, and other activities that can be difficult for them to carry out.

Fortunately, various types of vehicles can be fitted with wheelchair access. Through a professional contractor, vehicle owners like you can acquire a conversion fitting that can be helpful for those who depend heavily on wheelchairs. Take note, however, that wheelchair conversions can only be done fully on vans and vehicles that have enough interior space.

Choosing the Right Type of Wheelchair Conversion

In acquiring the most suitable wheelchair conversion type for your vehicle, you must consider the following factors to avoid wasting time and money.

  • Accessibility

One of the factors that you should consider in choosing and acquiring the most suitable wheelchair conversion for your vehicle is the accessibility of the said assistive device. The entry and exit of the wheelchair hugely depend on the condition of the area where your vehicle will be parked at home. If your surrounding space is narrow, then a rear-entry wheelchair conversion is recommended. Alternatively, a side-entry wheelchair conversion is suitable for you if you have adequate space in your garage.

Aside from the condition of your home’s parking area, you must also consider the condition of the parking areas away from your home. If you opt for a rear-entry wheelchair conversion, the wheelchair must enter and exit the vehicle in the driving lanes of the parking spaces. Opting for a side-entry wheelchair conversion, alternatively, may be safer but requires more space.

  • Affordability

Both wheelchair conversion types can be a good investment for your vehicle if they will be used regularly. Keep in mind, however, that a side-entry wheelchair conversion tends to be more expensive than its rear-entry counterpart due to its extensive modifications. A side-entry wheelchair conversion often requires added alteration to the vehicle flooring, which can be complex and costly.

Comparing Rear-Entry and Side-Entry Conversions

Knowing and understanding the advantages of rear-entry and side-entry wheelchair conversions can help you choose the right one for you.

With a rear-entry conversion, you can expect it to be more affordable since it does not require complex modification and retains standard centre seats. It also allows your vehicle to be parked anywhere. Safety is even prioritised with this conversion type as the wheelchair user will be placed in the middle of the vehicle while the attendant is seated next to them.

Opting for a side-entry conversion, alternatively, allows you to gain more control over the configuration of your floor plan as well as the ramp options. This specific benefit grants you an opportunity to alter your seating options based on your lifestyle. The loading and unloading of the wheelchair are likewise much easier if you will be choosing this type of conversion.

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