How Customised Vehicles Can Help the Handicap and Paralyzed

09 October 2017

Adults and children who are dependent on wheelchairs need to get around just like everyone else. That is why there are many customised vehicles on the market that are designed to help the handicap and those paralyzed to have an adequate and reliable means of transportation. While there are definitely some expensive vehicles available that can comfortably accommodate wheelchairs, it may not be necessary to purchase a new vehicle.

Instead, modifications to an existing vehicle can be a more affordable solution to accommodate handicap and paralyzed people who are dependent on the use of a wheelchair or scooter. The best way to know how your vehicle can be modified to accommodate wheelchairs is to consult with vehicle modification experts at Jamieson Auto Fit.

Customised Vehicles by Jamieson Auto Fit Can Help the Handicap and Paralyzed

Before deciding to make any modifications to a vehicle, the specific needs and requirements should be determined first. Here at Jamieson auto fit, our experts will make sure that your van, sedan, or minibus can handle the modifications you require to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter.

Below is a description of some of the most common vehicle modifications to help handicap and paralyzed individuals:

  • Wheelchair conversions, this includes things like chair lifts, wheelchair ramps, side entry and rear entry modifications, including wheelchair safety restraints.
  • Vehicle seat alterations, this type of vehicle modification includes adding specialised reclining seats that have the ability to rotate, or the removal of unneeded seating to make room for wheelchairs or scooters.
  • Vehicle hand controls and driving aids, these allow those with a handicap or that are paralyzed to be able to drive their own vehicles, with the help of mechanical push-pull acceleration and braking aids. While not every vehicle can accommodate vehicle hand controls, our expert technicians can inspect your vehicle to determine if it can.

There many people who rely on scooters and wheelchairs to get around, and while there are many types of vehicles for sale that are customised to accommodate handicap and paralyzed people these can be very expensive. Also, vehicle manufacturers are not required to make any wheelchair friendly features, which is why vehicle modifications are a necessity for people who depend of the use of a wheelchair.

Whether you need a wheelchair conversion, vehicle seat alterations, a wheelchair ramp, or hand controls and driving aids for your vehicle, Jamieson Auto Fit can help, we can assess your transportation needs and then advise the best solutions.

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