Growing family? Extra seating? Jamieson Autofit will customize it for you.

09 April 2015

Never judge a book by its cover. Just because you go out and buy an SUV doesn’t mean your family will safely fit. Even vehicles with a 9 seat capacity may be cramped. You also have to consider the latching system for car seats, and going out to buy a larger vehicle is not always the practical answer. There is an answer through, and that is to have seating added to your vehicle.

Vehicle customisation is a huge thing nowadays, and it covers a lot more than wheelchair conversions. Seating conversions are not limited to SUV’s either. Seating can be adjusted for almost any vehicle to meet height needs or additional seating needs.

Jamieson Autofit in Melbourne can alter seating on vehicles included but not limited to trucks, SUVs, vans, sedans or minibuses. Every alteration will exceed safety standards and get you back on the road safer and more comfortable. While many people are looking into driver’s seat alterations more and more families are looking to install additional seating to meet the needs of their growing families.

Additional seating may be needed for moms who carpool or families that are outgrowing their existing vehicle. After all, as the kids get older it seems their friends are more often along for the ride than not.

These are services that are much more affordable than replacing the vehicle, and they have several options available to help you find the perfect seating alteration to meet your needs.

Safety is at the heart of all that they do. You tell them what you need, and they will offer you solutions to meet your budget. They work with you to get the best possible outcome and keep you and your passengers safe. You won’t find services like this anywhere else.

You can get low pricing and professional services at Jamieson Autofit. This is an experienced company well known in the region, and they are unmatched in service as well as expertise. There are also storage options available.

One call will get you started. Call today to get the ball rolling. There will be a professional standing by to assist you with any questions that you may have. This is about a lot more than comfort, but it is also safety. Call Jamieson Autofit today. Yu are going to love the results you get from adding much needed seating through such a highly reputable source.

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