Getting a wheelchair conversion on your vehicle is easy; Check out all of the amazing services at Jamieson Auto Fit

25 February 2015

Looking for a reliable wheelchair conversion service around Victoria? Look no further, because Jamieson Autofit in Victoria can do that and more.

Wheelchair conversion at Jamieson Auto Fit has never been easier or more affordable. No matter what your wheelchair conversion needs are, you can utilise the modernised services of this highly reputable company in central Melbourne to meet and exceed your expectations.

Jamieson Auto Fit will fit and supply wheel chair ramps, restraints and more. They can help with the instillation of sliding doors, fold out ramp systems and swing door operations. They even work with radio remote systems and telescopic power ramps just to name a few.

Jamieson Auto Fit is simply the best auto fit company that has almost 30 years of experience in the field, and their reputation precedes them. They offer a number of additional vehicle modification services like child restraints, extra seating, tow bars and cargo barriers to name a few. Have a van with no side windows? They can help with that too! They can provide these auto fit services and more. Just tell them your vehicle fit out requirements and specifications and they can sure deliver it to you.

Whatever your commercial or domestic vehicle accessories or vehicle modification needs in Melbourne are, look no farther than Jamieson Auto Fit. They can give you a vehicle fit out that is organised and fully functional at a price that you can deal with.

You will be able increase the space and functionality of your vehicle without compromising value or personal comfort to do it. Whether you have a bus, van, car or a SUV that needs to be converted into something that you need, Jamieson Auto Fit is a company that can maximise all of your hidden spaces creating storage solutions and even wheelchair conversion on most models.

For more information and pricing, do not hesitate to call this remarkable company. These are exceptional results you have to see to believe, and Jamieson Auto Fit will make your whole life easier. After all, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Why not make that time easier, more covenant and more comfortable?

This is a company that looks forward to serving you; call Jamieson Autofit, your professional vehicle out fitters today.

Contact us:

Address: 565 Somerville Rd Sunshine West VIC 3020 Australia
Tel: (03) 9364 8570
Fax: (03) 9364 8567

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