Functions of Wheelchair Restraints for Vehicles

01 December 2016

For businesses such taxi services that accommodate people who use wheelchairs, it is necessary to install wheelchair restraints. The same goes for any private of public vehicle that carry wheelchairs, such as wheelchair accessible vans and minibuses. For example, wheel chair accessible taxis (WATs) are required by law to have wheelchair restraints for vehicles because these are used to firmly secure a wheelchair in place while the vehicle is in motion.

Safety is the main function of wheelchair restraints for vehicles, and there are a few types of restraints that are designed to firmly anchor wheelchair passengers inside vehicles. Here are a few types of wheelchair restraints and their functions.

Types of Wheelchair Restraints for Vehicles and Their Functions

There are a range of wheelchair restraint types that effectively anchor wheelchairs and their passengers inside vans, buses, and minibuses. These make sure that passengers are not only safe and secure, but also comfortable while vehicles are in motions, these include locks, lap belts, shoulder belts, and tie-down wheelchair restraints.

Vehicle locks for wheelchairs – these are mounted on a vehicle’s flooring as a means to directly attach metal wheelchairs to the floor, instead of using straps, clamps and belts. Vehicle wheelchair locks are effective and can be used in conjunction with other types of vehicle wheelchair restraints, depending on the type vehicle and wheelchair to be secured.

Lap belts and shoulder belts – these are used to comfortably secure wheelchair occupants and are adjustable to fit all sizes of people. Lap belts and shoulder belts are considered a part of a wheelchair seatbelt system, and work just like standard vehicle seatbelts, but are instead custom fitted during wheelchair vehicle conversions.

Wheelchair tie-down retractors – these devices are designed to quickly adjust more tension without having to manually adjust the lengths of the strap, which not only saves time securing wheelchairs, but is less cumbersome than regular tie-down straps.

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we are continually seeking ways to ensure the safety of our customers as they travel, especially for those who require the use of wheelchairs. Our company specialises in wheelchair vehicle conversions, which includes wheelchair restraints for vehicles.

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