Functions of Bi Fold Steps for Vehicles

19 August 2015

Do your loved ones find it difficult to get in and out of your family vehicle, or does your pet have issues trying to leap into your cargo van or SUV, because it’s too high? Bi fold steps can help; they are created exactly for these kinds of situations and can easily be integrated into most domestic and commercial vehicles, to make loading and unloading easier. Although, not every vehicle needs bi fold steps, you should still consider having them for when the need arises.

Over the years, vehicle bi folds have evolved into sophisticated vehicle loading and unloading solutions that are not only versatile but also cost-effective. Here are some of the ways you can utilize bi fold steps for your vehicles.

Security and Safety

It is not possible to get a vehicle that caters to everybody’s needs in the family; it’s a nice thought though. Anyway, safety and security of pets, children, the elderly and those with a handicap should be the topmost priority, and that’s where bi fold steps come into play. You can get them installed with a slim profile for an easy way in and out of most vehicles.

For larger and higher of-the-ground vehicles such as vans, trucks and SUVs, there are also ramping options available. Bi fold steps and ramps can be customized to accommodate strollers, wheelchairs, carts and much more.

Commercial Use for Bi Fold Step and Ramps

Often delivery vehicles of all sizes need specialised steps that can help drivers load and unload products and services quickly, and safely. Bi fold steps and ramps for commercial delivery vehicles of all sizes help in this regard. In fact, there are many courier companies, flower shops, bakeries and other companies that ask for bi fold customization all the time, because these can best help their employees deliver more efficiently, and safely.

Custom Uses

There are no universal or premade choices in these types of steps, because every vehicle is different, and every need unique. Thankfully, bi fold steps for your vehicle can be customised, to meet the needs of your family or your company’s needs.

At Jamieson Auto Fit, we can assist you in finding specific solutions that meet your vehicle’s requirements. If you need help in choosing a bi fold step design, don’t worry, you can tell us the purposes, functions and budget for the project, and then we can custom build a bi fold step or ramp that can help you load and unload your vehicle safely and effortlessly.

How to get bi fold steps for your vehicle?

If you think that bi fold steps for your vehicle is important, talk to our customisation experts on what kind of design will fit your vehicle’s need.

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