Fully Adjustable Power Seat Base for Vehicle Seats

27 August 2018

For people who depend on the use of a wheelchair to get around, it is very difficult to be able to lift themselves into a chair, especially a vehicle seat where there is little room available to move. This is definitely a problem for those who own a van and drive with hand controls. It is often necessary to totally remove the driver’s seat to accommodate room for their wheelchair, which is not always the most practical solution.

While this may be the ideal solution for large vans, it is a problem for minivans. That is because even when the front seat is removed there just isn’t enough room to accommodate a wheelchair. In this case, the best solution is to install a fully adjustable power seat base for vehicle seats. These are also known as powered transfer seat bases.

Because minivans are not typically spacious enough for a wheelchair conversion, and, it is also difficult to be able to pull a wheelchair close enough to them to transfer a person to the driver’s seat, which is in a fixed position. The best solution to this problem is to install a fully adjustable power seat base or transfer seat.

Fully Adjustable Power Seat Base for Minivan Seats

A powered transfer seat base allows a person to be able to “transfer” from their wheelchair, either outside of the vehicle or from the centre area of the van to the driver’s seat, or the front seat. This can be done with just a few easy-to-use controls with a full adjustable power seat base for vehicle seats.

The electronically controlled power seat base can be moved or adjusted forward and back by as much as 500mm, and, a fully adjustable power seat base can then be turned as much as 90 degrees sideways. Once a person has transferred into the driver’s seat, further adjustments can be made by either raising or lowering the seat to make it more comfortable for driving.

Fully adjustable power seat bases for vehicle seats allow people to travel easier, and they are safer and more comfortable than driving while sitting in a wheelchair. Anyone can use them, and the vehicle’s original seat belts can still be used.

While new vans can be ordered with transfer power seats, they can still be installed in all type of vehicles professionally by experts at Jamieson Auto Fit, located at 565A Somerville Rd., Sunshine VIC.

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