Front and Rear Bars for Added Safety and Protection

11 April 2016

Car, truck and van accessories, as well as other non-stock additional parts, all have their own purposes, but whatever the part or specialized purposes may be, they are all designed to make them pleasing to the eye. Today, the most important purpose of such accessories and additional parts are related to vehicle safety and added protection to the driver and passengers, these include such things as front and rear bars.

What are Front and Rear Bars for?

These are specialized metal attachments that are mounted on the front and the rear of a vehicle that provide added safety and protection, to both the vehicle and passengers. Made of steel and aluminum, vehicle safety bars vary in size depending on their purpose and a vehicle’s shape and width. When a collision occurs, rear bars protect the back of vehicles and can save a car or van from serious rear-end damage, while front bars, also known as a Roo Bar, protect the front-end of vehicles in the same way.

Enhancing the safety and protection of your vehicle just makes sense, because it protects your investment, your car, SUV, truck or van. How? By reducing or eliminating collision damage to the front and rear areas. Basically, front and rear bars makes your vehicle stronger and better able to withstand an impact, thus minimising damage to the vehicle’s body and passengers inside, and Jamieson Auto Fit can do that for you – install rear and front bars.

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we are experts in vehicle fitouts. In fact, we have decades of experience in vehicle fitouts of all kinds, such as installing wheelchair conversions, cargo barriers, vehicle storage solutions, extra seating and altering seat configurations, to name a few. Other vehicle accessories that we offer along with front bars and rear bars include tow bars, cargo barriers, roof bars, roof racks, bazookas, ladder posts for extra protection and access to roof storage.

Our technicians can also fix your internal and external lighting, as well as install grab handles, rails, tie downs and other special fit outs on your vehicle, for handicapped passengers or other special purposes. You are invited to visit us her at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can answer any question you have, just bring your vehicle with you and we’ll tell you how we can improve it to meet your needs.

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