Factors to Consider for Vehicle Conversion or Customisation

13 July 2016

Often times, vehicle owners must alter their vans, cars or even trucks to suit their transportation needs. If you are one of these owners, you must first understand that vehicle conversion or customisation can range from performing a few minor changes to a major overhaul of the vehicle in order for it to suit your purposes in the ideal manner. We provide you with a number of other factors to consider before you proceed with vehicle alterations to ensure that the results are favourable.

Decide What Modifications Are Necessary

You must decide the type of modifications that are necessary before you can proceed with any type of customisation or conversion on a vehicle. Examples of popular vehicle alterations include the following:

  • Wheelchair Conversions – Transport loved ones with ease without removing them from their wheelchairs. Conversions such as these come complete with ramps and safety straps.
  • Extra Seating – Maybe you need to accommodate additional passengers than what your vehicle originally handles instead of the extra storage space that the vehicle contains at present. Just add a seat or two to solve the issue.
  • Seat Modifications – Modifications can occur to change the seat or seat position when necessary in accordance with government safety regulations.
  • Cargo Barriers – These barriers will divide the vehicle storage into separate sections suitable for transporting pets or luggage in a safe, organised manner.
  • Vehicle Storage – With this vehicle conversion or customisation, you can add racks, shelves and cargo drawers to organise your vehicle for business or personal purposes.

Will the Changes Fit Into the Existing Vehicle Without Further Alterations?

Consider whether or not all the necessary changes will fit into your existing vehicle without further alterations. You will need to know this to calculate the cost of your project to see if your budget allows for all the alterations.

Is Your Vehicle Large Enough for the Desired Customisation?

On top of the above considerations, you must decide if your vehicle has adequate space for the desired modifications. An example of this is the wheelchair conversion. You may need a larger vehicle. After all, a wheelchair conversion will not work on a 4-door sedan, for example, but it is ideal with a mini-van or other size of van.

For a professional vehicle conversion or customisation, contact Jamieson Auto Fit. We specialise in both domestic and commercial vehicle modifications and accessories. Our company promises satisfaction with each vehicle project that we perform for our clients.

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