Extra Seating Options for your Station Wagons

10 June 2014

Why would you ever need to install extra seating options for your station wagons? A growing family is one good reason why you would need to install extra seats for your family station wagon or other vehicles. Other great reasons, why installing extra seating in your vehicles is a good idea, are easy to understand as you continue reading. Basically it’s a need to carry more passengers.

Extra Seating Options for your Station Wagons is a Good Idea … if?

If you need to carry more passengers in your station wagon, van or SUV, then extra seating options are definitely a good idea. Here is a short list of reasons why extra seating options for your station wagons is a good idea:

  • When you have more passengers than seats.
  • Going camping with friends.
  • Weekend family trips to the beach or lake.
  • Daily or weekly carpooling to work.
  • Regular church meeting obligations providing transportation for elderly or for those without a vehicle.
  • Starting a commercial van service or car service.
  • Hotel van shuttle service.
  • Corporate or Government vehicles that are used to transport employees.

When you have to move people safely, and you have more bodies than seats, installing extra seats in your vehicle is the obvious solution. There are many more logical reasons why extra seating options for your station wagons are a good idea. However, extra seating options aren’t just limited to station wagons.

There are extra seating options for all types of vehicles. Other types of vehicles which can benefits from extra seating include sedans, SUVs, vans, 4-wheel drive vehicles, trucks and especially buses of all sizes can benefit from installing extra seats.

Types of Extra Seating Options

There are a wide selection and range of extra seating options available, no matter what type of vehicle you may have; there is an extra seating option that is just right for you. Extra forward facing seats all have arm rests and head rest available, if they don’t already come with them standard. Here are some extra seat options that are available for you to choose from:

  • Extra seats come complete with retractable sash safety belts
  • Single or dual bucket seats
  • Seater bench seats that accommodate 2-3 persons
  • Extra seating for the rear area of 4 Wheel Drives, vans, SUVs or station wagons
  • Ability to fold away to increase storage area
  • Easily removable from the vehicle
  • Extra seats can come with adjustable headrest and include reclining ability
  • They are conveniently accessible from either the side or the rear of the vehicle

There are many other extra seating options for your station wagons as you will discover when speaking to an installer. If you are living in the Melbourne area, and you would like more information about extra seating options for your station wagons or other commercial vehicles, then you might want to inquire at James Auto Fit.

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