Everything You Should Know About Adding Extra Van Seating

11 October 2021

When choosing a vehicle, many people prefer a van over others due to its notable space. With its spacious interior, it can easily be utilised in carrying loads that cannot fit inside small vehicles. The spacious interior of the van likewise allows it to be used as temporary accommodation.

Aside from storage and accommodation purposes, the huge interior space of the van also permits it to be fitted with additional seats, which is not possible with most types of vehicles. Once additional seats are installed, a van can conveniently carry more than 10 passengers including the driver, making this specific type of vehicle recommended for huge families, friends, or a group of workers.

But before you can add extra seats to your van, there are numerous things that you should know first.

Extra Van Seating Requires Additional Compliance

One misconception about adding extra van seating is that anyone can do it. Even if you own a van, you must still follow certain state laws and regulations before installing additional seats. Owning a van does not prevent you from obtaining violations due to non-compliance with seat-related laws and regulations.

A great reason why laws and regulations are created towards extra van seating installation is due to the differences in vans. Not all vans are created equal. They often boast different specifications, dimensions, and functions that separate them from the others. Some may be able to handle the added weight of specific seats, while others cannot. Without considering the general characteristics and purposes of the van, it may end up getting damaged in the long run. Worse, it may lead to accidents and injuries.

Key Things to Remember before Adding Van Seats

One of the things that you need to remember before adding seats to your van is to let the professionals do it. Companies that offer the installation of van seats know the right way of conducting the said service. They likewise know the best type of van seats that can go with your vehicle.

When adding van seats, these professionals would ensure that the seats will be compatible with the layout of your van’s floor. Some seats cannot work well with certain floor beds. Through the expertise and experience of professionals, they can smartly pick the right seats for your van. Now, once seats are installed, several professionals would reinforce the area where they are installed to ensure that every passenger will be safe during the trip. Doing this can minimise injuries if ever accidents occur.

Installing Extra Van Seating with Jamieson Auto Fit

If you need to add extra seats for your van, you can contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We ensure that our seats can fit your van. Whether it is for private or commercial use, your van can easily take advantage of compatible extra seats that are all compliant with the guidelines established by Australian Design Rules. We also make sure that your van’s seating capacity will be maximised without compromising safety.

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