Ensure Safe Towing with Quality Tow Bars and Accessories

28 February 2020

When travelling across town, there will be times where we want to bring a lot of our things. The car compartment may be enough to store some of our clothes, accessories, and other similar things, but it cannot accommodate huge things such as our motorcycle, tent, and many more. Fortunately, there is an existing workaround for carrying huge things that are intended for long road trips.

Tow bars and their accompanying accessories have helped carry things that won’t fit inside our car. Moreover, they add extra storage for our things whenever our car compartment is already full. As long as you install correct high-quality tow bars, you are ensured of a towing experience that is safe and reliable more than ever.

Tow Bars for Safe Towing

Towing activity does not entail the use of just ropes in connecting a trailer to a car. If you are thinking of doing this, please don’t. A safe towing requires the fundamental towing accessories for the said activity. Since most towed products are huge and heavy, you will be needing accessories that can carry them effectively.

A safe towing mechanism requires a strong yet flexible connection between your car and the trailer. This connection is created by a hitch, which is connected to the chassis of your car. To further enhance the connection between the trailer and your car, a set of safety chains is used and utilised. The electrical wiring of the trailer is then connected to your car through the use of a wiring harness.

Going back to hitches, some of them have a fixed ball mount, while others have a removable one. This ball mount is essential as it allows your trailer to swivel and turn in conjunction with your car’s movement. The installation of a ball mount lock is essential to keep the ball mount in place. As for the force exerted by your trailer, a tongue that is fitted over the ball mount handles this force. Both the trailer coupler and the tongue lock are installed to further secure the tongue to the ball mount.

There are many tow bar options for you. A rear step tow bar is most suitable for off-road use, while a flat tongue tow bar is the best for light vehicles and loads. On the contrary, heavy vehicles and loads can make the most of a horizontal hitch tow bar.

Helpful Towing Accessories

Aside from the whole towing mechanism, you can also ensure safe towing through some helpful accessories. There will be some towing tools and loading ramps that can help you with the installation and connection of the trailer to your car. Straps, chains, alarms, and other similar devices are also used for the security of your trailer and its content. The safety operations of your trailer can also be initiated through high-quality mirrors, supplementary brakes, weight distribution hitches, and anti-sway devices.

High-quality tow bars and accessories are mostly made from premium materials that can deliver their intended functions without any compromise. If you want to have your own tow bars and accessories, you may want to visit us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have been providing high-quality custom car fit-out services to Australian car owners for almost 30 years now.

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