Determining When You Would Need To Add a Ladder Post for Your Vehicle

04 December 2015

Owning your very own vehicle is one of the most wonderful conveniences anyone can experience in this day and age – it’s a rite of passage. Not only is a vehicle the perfect means to get you where you’re going; letting you to travel for long distances with relative comfort and ease. It is also an excellent means for businesses to transport sundry items to-and-fro.

While most vehicles are ‘sports cars’ – built with aerodynamics in mind, others are deemed ‘family oriented’ vehicles. However, there are some vehicles that are different, hardier and a cut above the rest, in that they combine the speed and manoeuvrability of a sports car, with the practicality and durability of family oriented vehicles.

These hybridised vehicles can either be industrially oriented or they can be specialised vehicles for individuals with specifics needs or purposes.

Ladder Post for Vehicle – Do you need one?

If you’re an individual who requires a specially fitted vehicle for specific working needs or practical purposes, then you may have considered modifying your car to your advantage. One of the most useful, albeit less employed, vehicular modifications available of late are ladder posts. What is a ladder post?

Some of the reasons for its unpopularity stem from the fact that ladder posts are commonly associated with firefighting vehicles and other industrially-related cars. If you’re an individual who is considering a ladder post for vehicle installation, you may stop to wonder if you really need the thing.

Height – let’s face it, not everyone was created equal, and some places are difficult to reach, like the top of a vehicle. To make reaching hard-to-get-to areas on your vehicle’s roof easier, a ladder post could be installed. Opting for a ladder post solves this dilemma – not being able to easily reach the storage area on your vehicle’s roof. Why fuss about ladders then, when you have one installed smartly on your car, van, delivery truck or other vehicle?

Physical handicaps – individuals with physical handicaps that may not be able to climb, or stand and balance, on objects to reach the roof will benefit greatly from a ladder post, since it vastly improves their capacity to access things without aid.

A matter of practicality – if you’re a painter, landscaper, stonemason, carpenter or other tradesman, who regularly needs access to hard-to-reach areas on the roof of your vehicle used for storage, don’t skip on safety and opt for ladder post for vehicle. You need it, because it will make your job easier. In issues like ladder posts, and all other practical vehicle alterations and accessories, purposefulness is essential.

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