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14 January 2016

Customising vehicles has become one of the most popular means of showing-off one’s personal tastes and to establish one’s social status. While a lot of people are pimping the exteriors of their rides with awesome paint-jobs and highly intricate and masterfully applied decals, a lot of people tend to forget that the interior can likewise need a little pimping of its own.

In the good old days, the exterior of a car was only the superficial ‘go-getter’, and while a beautiful car, which boasted of high gleam and polish, was instantly an eye-catcher, the true merit of a car was found in what sort of interior upholstery it flaunted. For example, when old cars were still in vogue, interior upholstery ranged from the now commonplace and somewhat standardised leather and leatherette, to the less conventional, but equally beautiful velvet, and the then-rare suede interiors.

Tastes have changed since then, most vehicle interior upholstery has a tendency to be fashioned from factory-grade leather or leatherette, while premier seats can only be found on luxury vehicles. Still, if you’re an individual with impeccable taste, and are more than willing enough to spend upwards of several thousands of dollars on your car’s paintjob, rims, and other accessories, it couldn’t hurt to invest also in high quality premier seats for your ride.

The epitome of classy vehicular interior upholstery has always been leather, although, nowadays, there is a growing interest in ‘mixed-media’ upholstery. If you’re looking for the classic look, however, there is a vast array of leather products to choose from, each with their own distinct properties, features and aesthetics. For those car loving folks who value comfort, soft leather is ideal over the less yielding high-gloss varieties.

If you’re veering a bit more on the wild side, suede, Nappa leather, nubuck and fur are excellent choices. Hankering for the royal-treatment? Nothing beats the quality and unparalleled beauty of full-grain leather or antique-grain finishes. Still, opting to invest in premier upholstery need not only revolve around extremely pricey materials, since there are a broad variety of affordable options to choose from, such as leatherette, faux fur, and pleather.

Would you like to explore the opportunities that premier seats will bring to your vehicle, then don’t hesitate to visit Jamieson Auto Fit, we can help you find the best seating material that best fits your fancy.

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