Critical Points to Consider When Installing Additional Seating in Vans

27 January 2017

Vans are by far the most versatile personal vehicles on the road today because these can be altered in many ways on the inside, to create space for more storage or to make room for additional seating for commercial or private use. Adding, removing, or altering the seating in a van often changes the classification of the vehicle, which is why strict guidelines are set by government agencies to ensure a vehicle’s structural integrity and the safety of passengers.

In fact, in regards to seat alterations, and most vehicle fitout options, the same standards for safety apply to both automobile manufactures and auto fitout businesses. This is a good thing because it ensures that all vehicles on public roads have complied with government safety standards that they have an acceptable level of occupant protection. With that said, it is wise for anyone considering installing additional seating in vans, for the purpose of carrying more passenger, to understand the critical points in the process.

Critical Points of Installing Additional Seating in Vans

The main critical point to consider, when installing additional seating in vans, is to determine whether the vehicle will be used for either commercial or private use. Vans that are slated to be used as commercial vehicles need to meet the latest criteria set by Australian Design Rules (ADRs), as it applies to commercial passenger vehicles. Knowing this, finding a professional auto fitout shop that specialises in altering commercial and private vehicles is a ‘must’, to guarantee that the additional seating installed in your van complies with the latest ADRs rules.

Changing the classification of a passenger van for personal use, to a category MA, MB and MC commercial vehicle, to be used to shuttle people as a taxi service, may sound simple, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. That’s because a modified van must be certified as having undergone a second-stage of manufacturing, which proves that the vehicle is compliant with the ADRs requirements.

There are other critical points to consider before installing additional seating in vans, and you can learn more about the process from the friendly folks at Jamieson Auto Fit – vehicle conversion specialists that provide custom fit-out services in Melbourne.

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