Common Fit-Out Ideas for Your Van and Minibus

08 March 2022

Business owners utilise vans and minibuses due to their vast cargo space and flexibility. They often maximise vans and minibuses in transporting their products and tools to specific locations. They also use these vehicles as a mode of transportation for their employees and other personnel.

While the default configurations of vans and minibuses can already carry out functions needed by businesses, they can still be modified to make them more effective and efficient. If you want to improve your van and minibus, then here are some common fit-out ideas that you may consider.


One fit-out idea that you may want to consider for your van and minibus is to install some shelf storage. Shelving is a storage option that can easily expand the room for storing huge pieces of equipment. It can likewise organise all the loaded cargo effectively, which can make accessibility to objects easier and safer. Through its accompanying advantages, your van and minibus are expected to be more organised and more optimised in the long run. It can also enhance the performance of your business.

Cargo Drawers

A cargo drawer is another storage option that can make your van and minibus effective. It is often made from strong materials, which can prevent it from breaking due to heavy load or excessive force. It can also withstand break-in attempts, making your loaded items secure all the time. The presence of cargo drawers on your vehicles can even reduce injuries as the loaded materials are already placed strategically. With a cargo drawer, you can expect the loading and unloading of things to be much easier.


Aside from storage options, another fit-out idea that can be incorporated into your van and minibus is the installation of barriers. A barrier installation can be effective on your vehicles if you are planning to fill them with a lot of heavy materials. With the presence of a barrier, your loaded equipment and other heavy things will remain intact in your storage area. The barrier can likewise protect you and other passengers from objects that may fly towards you during an accident or collision.


One more fit-out idea that can be integrated into your van and minibus is the addition of seating. With the right supplier of car accessories, your van and minibus can easily attain extra seats that can be folded away. These seats may likewise possess inbuilt retractable lap-sash safety belts, standard headrests, and matching trim to make your vehicles appealing and safe. With additional seats, more people can fit inside the van and minibus without violating any safety standards.

To attain these add-ons on your van and minibus, you can contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have around 30 years of experience providing vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services to Australian vehicle owners and members of the automotive industry.

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