Choose Budget Seats for Comfort to Accommodate Extra Large Passengers

11 May 2017

One of the peeves of traveling in most types of vehicles today is when you are unable to sit comfortably. This can happen with a narrow or smaller than average seat that prevents you from getting comfortable, especially during long-distance travel, it can become torturous, to say the least. Ease and comfort should be prioritised in regards to vehicle seating, altered if necessary, especially to accommodate larger passengers.

For larger than average people, it isn’t easy to get comfortable sitting in vehicles with seating that is too small for them, and they can’t be blamed, as nearly all seating for vehicles today are designed for average sized folks. Fortunately, for those people who are naturally larger than most, it is possible to alter vehicle seating to be more comfortable, by adding larger budget seats.

To accommodate extra-large passengers it is possible to alter vehicle seating, either by lower them to add additional head space, or by replacing these with larger budget seating to add width. When seating is the right size and width, even large passengers can become comfortable during long drives, or everyday commuting. With that being said, modifying seating to suit the specific needs of passengers just makes sense.

Modify Vehicle Seating for Extra Large Passengers at Jamieson Auto Fit

If you need to alter a vehicle to accommodate large passengers, you can remove and even replace vehicle seating as needed, many vehicle owners don’t know this, but it is possible. At Jamieson Auto Fit, we specialise in altering seating for all types of vehicles, such as family cars, vans, mini-buses, and taxis, to meet the specific needs of extra-large passengers and even those who depend on wheelchairs.

All vehicle seat alterations are done in accordance with guidelines set forth by government – VicRoads. Besides being able to alter vehicle seating, our expert team specialises in all types of vehicle modifications, such as taxi conversions, wheelchair conversions, and seat removal to increase cargo space and to add vehicle storage shelving, to name just a few.

Whatever your specific needs may be, Jamieson Auto Fit can customise your vehicle to meet and exceed vehicle modifications in Victoria.

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