Child Safety Seats and Restraints in Vehicles: A Rule in Smart Parenting

23 March 2016

The importance of being a parent hasn’t changed, even though technology has changed the world, but it is as serious now as it has ever been to protect children from harm. Thankfully, regulations and laws in Australia are designed to ensure that the greatest means to keep children safe are in place, and these help parents. A good example of this are child restraint requirements for children travelling in motorised vehicles.

Child Safety Seats and Restraints in Vehicles

Child safety seats and restraints in vehicles should be every parents concern, and most parents are in compliance with these requirements, but some parents are honestly in the dark about the specific requirements for their child’s size and age. This is understandable, since new laws and requirements take some time for people to become aware of, and then make proper adjustments of their vehicle’s child safety seats and restraints.

Thankfully, parents have help available – Jamieson Auto Fit, we know the government’s exact requirements for child safety seats and restraints for vehicles. And, you have our guarantee that your car, van or SUV will have the best means of protection for your child’s size and age, and that meets and exceeds child safety requirements.

Newest Child Safety Seat Requirements

The biggest concern with child safety is that small children sitting in a seat design for larger adults could prove unsafe, because the seat restraints could ultimately injure them in the event of an accident, instead of securing and protecting them. Now, motorised vehicle require custom fit-to-size child seats and restraints, which is good news to parents, because it will ensure greater protection for their children in case a collision occurs.

However, knowing the correct size of child safety seats and restraints, and having these installed or adjusted in existing ones, to meet safety requirements for your children, this is the problem facing most parents. Not to worry, at Jamieson Auto Fit, we understand parents’ concerns and we know the rule of parenting – protecting children from harm. This is why we offer child safety seat and restraint consultation to our customers with children.

We can help you determine the correct size of child safety seats and restraints in vehicles of all makes and models. For more information about child safety seats, installing extra seats, vehicle seat alterations or wheelchair conversions, please contact us today.

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