Child Safe Seats for Station Wagons

11 December 2017

As children get older and outgrow their safety seat or booster seat, families need to make sure that their station wagons have approved child safe seats to accommodate them, to meet the child restraint laws in South Australia.

Child restraint laws in South Australia require all children under the age of 16 years old to be restrained in approved seating when travelling in motor vehicles. Appropriate seating should be properly adjusted and fastened to meet the safety standards set for a child’s specific age and size.

While auto fit professionals can add extra vehicles seats, remove or alter seat configurations as need, they can also install special child safety seats that meet and exceeds South Australia’s child restraint laws for station wagons.

Children Six Months to Four Years

Very small children, six month to four years old, must be placed in an approved booster seat that has an inbuilt harness and must face reward of the vehicle. Booster seats must also be secured in a vehicle’s seat that have approved restraints that can properly adjust and fasten.

Children 4 Years to 7 Years

Children between the ages of 4 and 7 years old can use either an approved booster seat or child safety seat that is faces forward, and that has proper seat restraints and easily adjustable lap-sash seatbelts that can fit the child’s body. During these ages of growth development, children will outgrow their booster seats and will need child safety seats installed.

Children 7 Years to 16 Years

Children between the ages of 7 and 16 years old must use a child safety seat that has approved seat restraints that can properly adjust to the child’s age and size. Child restraints can be used until children are tall enough to wear adult seatbelts properly, as there is a serious risk of injury when children who are not tall enough use adult seat belts. The best way to know if your child is tall enough to use adult car seats is if the sash belt lays across the middle of their shoulders.

If you have a child that is outgrowing their booster seat, and you need to add a child safety seat and child restraints in your family station wagon, then Jamieson Auto Fit can help you. Jamieson Auto Fit specialises in all types of vehicle modifications, and our expert technicians can add child safety seats and restraints into your station wagon that will meet and exceed South Australia’s child restraint laws.

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