Wheelchair Conversion Van

06 February 2014

In the past, to a handicapped individual on a wheelchair, driving a vehicle was simply impossible. With the many mechanical developments that are present in today‚Äôs world, an individual in a wheelchair, if the extent of their disabilities will allow, can drive his own vehicle. He can even have a pick the type of vehicle he wants to drive. PWDs […]

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Vehicle fit out

11 January 2014

Any aftermarket product that can be added to a production vehicle can be bought and installed by the owner. The question is whether that is a better option than working with a professional installer. Below are a few considerations to help anyone looking to customize a vehicle make the decision. Professionally Fit out Options Last When an amateur attempts to […]

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Benefits and Uses of Cargo Barriers

09 January 2014

Every vehicle owner that deals with carrying loads must install an essential accessory, cargo barrier. Cargo barriers are available in two types universal or custom fit. Either are beneficial for safeguarding your loads or domestic pets, it is installed in the rear section of the car and takes many shapes and forms but commonly made of metal assembled with bars […]

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