Your Choice on Van Modification

20 March 2014

Disability is not anymore considered an obstacle for individuals with physical incapability to be able to drive and live their life the way they want to. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you have to know on the type of vehicles available for them and the possible modifications on the vehicle of your choice. These alterations and adjustments have […]

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Modifying Vehicles for People with Physical Restrictions

03 March 2014

Everybody wants to drive, the road always beckons. One’s capacity to drive anywhere he wants – to the grocery store, to work, visit the dentist, go shopping, or just drive around, is the kid n of freedom that everyone desires. But for individuals with movement issues and other kinds of physical incapacities, this kind of freedom may require specialized equipment. […]

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Racking & Shelving Systems for Vans and Station Wagons

25 February 2014

Having the proper installations in your van can help you in the making of a more efficient working environment, and if you use your van for business, you would be able to show a more professional look to your potential customers. If your work requires you to transport tools, equipment, and goods from one site to another, it would make […]

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Wheelchair Conversion Van

06 February 2014

In the past, to a handicapped individual on a wheelchair, driving a vehicle was simply impossible. With the many mechanical developments that are present in today’s world, an individual in a wheelchair, if the extent of their disabilities will allow, can drive his own vehicle. He can even have a pick the type of vehicle he wants to drive. PWDs […]

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Vehicle fit out

11 January 2014

Any aftermarket product that can be added to a production vehicle can be bought and installed by the owner. The question is whether that is a better option than working with a professional installer. Below are a few considerations to help anyone looking to customize a vehicle make the decision. Professionally Fit out Options Last When an amateur attempts to […]

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