What to look for in an Auto Fit company

27 June 2014

Vehicles are everywhere and are used every day for various commercial and personal purposes, so when it comes time to outfit an automobile, truck or van, knowing what to look for in an auto fit company will help you. Custom fit-out services and vehicle conversions in Australia, are being utilized more and more in large cities such as Melbourne. Companies […]

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Extra Seating Options for your Station Wagons

10 June 2014

Why would you ever need to install extra seating options for your station wagons? A growing family is one good reason why you would need to install extra seats for your family station wagon or other vehicles. Other great reasons, why installing extra seating in your vehicles is a good idea, are easy to understand as you continue reading. Basically […]

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Importance of Cargo Barriers

30 May 2014

The importance of cargo barriers has always been clear, especially to those who haul cargo in their vehicles on a regular basis. Cargo barriers are also referred to as pet barriers or luggage barriers; however, they all can serve the same purpose, hauling cargo securely. Importance of Cargo Barriers One of the most important benefits when using cargo barriers to […]

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How to Choose the Best Wheelchair Van for Your Wheelchair

26 May 2014

Choosing a wheelchair van can be pretty overwhelming, and this is especially true if you have never had to undergo the process. Knowing what to look for and having a sales rep that you can trust are very important starts to making a great choice! The process does not have to be stressful. Your physician can help you consider some […]

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What is a rumble seat?

30 April 2014

A rumble seat was an upholstered seat that fit into the back of a car as in the trunk, opened up to allow for comfortable seating in the rear and closed down when not in use. The idea of the rumble seat came from carriages that had seating for servants in the rear of the carriage and not in the […]

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