Does Your Pet need a Cargo Barrier?

09 September 2014

While pets tend to be stay-at-home pals, there are times when you may need to bring them along for the ride, for one reason or another. However, pets in a moving vehicle can prove to be somewhat difficult to manage at best, in fact, it may even be a risk to passengers when your pet gets too rambunctious or frisky. […]

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Vehicle alterations to meet handicapped or multi-passenger needs

21 August 2014

In this day and time more often than not people are converting their vehicles to accommodate family members or others who have physical restrictions and have to use a wheel chair to get around. People are also converting their vehicles to accommodate growing families instead of having to buy a bigger vehicle. Making alterations to a vehicle in the event […]

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Vehicle seat alteration Options

04 August 2014

Have you ever wondered if it were possible to alter your vehicle’s seats? Yes, it is possible to alter your vehicle’s seats, although many car owners don’t know that. There are many reasons why people want to alter their vehicle’s seat positions. For tall people, as an example, some standard car, van and truck seats are too small. In this […]

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Vehicle Storage Options: Racks and Shelves

18 July 2014

If you use your vehicle for work, and you want to make it more productive, then you should consider vehicle storage options such as racks and shelves. Installing racks and shelves in your business vehicle can help give your company a greater public appeal. How is that possible? It is possible that potential clients will recognize your vehicle’s professional look […]

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What Are the Different Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

09 July 2014

There are quite a few different wheelchair accessible vehicles that are available today. Most of these are able to accommodate people who are wheelchair-bound as a passenger, but most of them will require a driver who is not handicapped. There are some though, that will allow the handicapped individual to drive themselves where they need to go. In order for […]

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