Car Seat Alterations that Meet Australian Safety Standards: Why is this Important?

17 June 2019

Vehicle modifications are very popular today, as people are altering their cars, vans, SUVs, and mini buses to meet their specific needs for both private and commercial vehicles. Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we specialise in private and commercial vehicle modifications, from minor alterations to major vehicle conversions, such as the installation of cargo barriers and storage solutions, to wheelchair conversion for vans and minibuses.

There are many reasons to modify a vehicle, but one of the most common modifications requested for both private and commercial vehicles is car seat alterations. Why are car seat alterations so popular? The reason why altering vehicle seating is in such demand today is that removing seats can free up valuable interior space that can be used for various storage solutions, such as cargo barriers, cargo sliding drawers, or vehicle shelving.

Installing additional seats or altering vehicle seating configuration can create more room for people to sit and increase the amount of passengers a van or minibus can carry. However, altering car seating is considered a serious modification and needs to be done by vehicle modification specialists that can meet Australian safety standards.

Importance of Meeting Australian Safety Standards for Car Seat Alterations

There are specific vehicle modification guidelines in Victoria for car seat alterations. These guidelines are to ensure vehicle safety and to meet any requirements that would change a vehicle’s classification by VicRoads. The importance of car seat alterations that meet Australian safety standards can’t be overemphasised enough. This is why it is vital to only hire licensed vehicle modification experts to alter your vehicle’s seating.

It is the responsibility of the owner of a vehicle to make sure that any alterations being done meet Australian safety standards, and care should be taken when altering vehicle seating in any way. There are auto fit out shops that may say removing or changing vehicle seating is not a major issue, and may offer affordable rates, but adding, removing, or altering seating could not only change a vehicle’s classification and description with VicRoads, more importantly, it could make the vehicle unsafe.

If you want to comply with the vehicle modification guideline in Victoria, to meet Australian safety standards for car seat alterations, then bring your vehicle to Jamieson Auto Fit. Our professional vehicle modification experts will meet and exceed Australian safety standards for car seat alterations, or for any vehicle modifications you want done to your car, SUV, van, or minibus.

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