Benefits of Luggage Barriers for Taxi Operators in Melbourne

18 July 2019

Investing in a commercial vehicle fitout is necessary sometimes, especially for taxi operators in Melbourne, for a number of reasons. Taxi operators are very competitive, and they have to be in order to meet the growing demands and needs of the public. In this regard, there are various vehicle fitouts available that are important, such a wheelchair conversion or adding extra seating.

One of the most important vehicle fitouts for taxis is having a luggage barrier installed. A luggage barrier is very beneficial to taxi operators as it can make their job much easier.

Importance of Vehicle Fitouts for Taxis

Commercial service vehicles such as taxis are not easy to acquire, that is because you just can’t simply buy them as-is from the lot of a car dealership. Cars, vans, and minibuses need to be altered so that they can meet the needs of passengers, and to comply with the legal requirements and safety standards set down VicRoads, and for the purpose of officially changing a vehicle’s classification.

There are many vehicle fitout options available to taxi operators, such as installing additional seating and adding roofbars, but one of the most useful vehicle fitouts for taxis is a luggage barrier.

Taxi Operators in Melbourne can Greatly Benefit from Luggage Barriers

Next to altering a taxis’ seat configuration to accommodate more passengers, installing a luggage barrier is the next most important vehicle fitout. There are many benefits of luggage barriers for taxi operators in Melbourne.

Luggage barriers are an essential accessory for taxi operators in Melbourne because they often carry a variety of cargo. Ultimately, luggage barriers, also known as cargo barriers, are typically installed in the rear of vehicles and are effectively used as a protective partition between cargo and the area designated for passengers.

As vehicles such as taxis commonly drive for many hours daily, in the event of a collision or a need to abruptly stop, luggage barriers prevent cargo from shifting or colliding with the driver and passenger. Luggage barriers are the ideal solution for restraining all types of cargo, even animals.

While luggage barriers are commonly installed in taxis to safely maximise car space inside vans and minibuses, it is recommended to have these specially tailored or custom fit, rather than install universal cargo barriers. Custom fit luggage barriers provide taxi operators a greater level of safety and security, as these are made from higher quality materials than universal luggage barriers.

For taxi operators who want the peace of mind knowing that their passengers and cargo are safe while their taxi is in motion, contact Jamieson Auto Fit for more information about custom fit luggage barriers.

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