Benefits of Customising Your Van’s Sprinter Centre Console

13 September 2018

If you own a Sprinter cargo van, then you may want to consider the benefits that come from customising your centre console. Having a custom centre console has many benefits, as you can add features that you need, like storage for your DVDs, power connection for your smartphones and gadgets with USB ports, a place to set your drinks (cup holder), or even add a small refrigeration unit to keep food and drinks cold.

Almost any addition to your Van’s centre console is possible when designed and installed by professional vehicle modification experts at Jamieson Auto Fit. You can get a better idea of what type of benefits you can expect from a custom centre console for you van with these samples below:

Customise your centre console to meet your specific needs – at Jamieson Auto Fit, our vehicle modification experts can customise your Sprinter centre console with all types of features that will meet your specific needs. While there are stock centre consoles available, the features and configurations are limited. Customisation lets you decide what features you want and where they will be positioned to best accommodate you.

Solid installation – you can expect your new customised centre console to be securely mounted, without harming your van. In fact, a customised centre console is so securely mounted that it will not shift or even spill your drinks when travelling over rough, bumpy roads.

A good investment – having a customised centre console installed in your van is a good investment. Unlike DIY installation of stock models that are not able to be firmly mounted and will not last as long as your vehicle, customised centre consoles will serve you for many years, throughout the life of your Sprinter van.

A quality product – the reason why professionally installed custom centre consoles last so long is simple, they are constructed of quality materials and installed with first class craftsmanship that comes with a guarantee. If you discover any issue with any customised centre console installed by technicians at Jamieson Auto Fit, we will repair or fix the problem to make sure that it is properly functioning as it should.

Not only does Jamieson Auto Fit specialise in custom centre consoles for vans, we also specialise in a wide variety of other vehicle modifications, such as wheelchair conversions, cargo barriers, vehicle storage solutions, vehicle seat alterations, and vehicle accessories (roof racks, tow bars, van windows, bull bars and nudge bars).

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