Benefits of Customising Air Conditioning Vents in Your Van

29 April 2016

When it comes to customising a van, seating arrangement and customising air conditioning vents are at the top of the list. So, it just makes sense that many people want to change these two things in their vehicles, and here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we will show you how.

What are the benefits of customising air conditioning vents, and why are so many van owners doing it? Does it really produce the same efficient climate control offered in the original design? All good questions, let’s compare and find out.

Better cooling and heating

There is no doubt that original van vents are designed to offer the best cooling and heating. However, due to extreme climate conditions, years of use, or misuse, there are certain customisation requirements needed to compensate for these – customising air conditioning vents. The benefits of doing this will ensure you that the highest levels of cooling and heating are possible, and then maintained. This type of vehicle customisation is recommend, especially if your van is an older model and requires better venting.

Part of other customisations

Often when changing the seating arrangement, old vents become useless, that is when customisation is required, and, it is the best time to have such work done. However, customising the air conditioning vents can be accomplished at any time. You can have new vents installed that will guarantee, even when the van is packed, that everyone stays comfortable all the time. If new seats are added at a later time, then adjustments will need to be done.

Engineered to perfection

If you thought that customising your air conditioning vents will look like a hack job, you would be mistaken. Jamieson Auto Fit offers premium service that delivers professional air vent customisation that is engineered to ensure that blowers and the temperature controls works exactly the way they should, and look good too.


Would you like to change your van in a way that makes it look more appealing? If you have ideas, then we can help you reach your goals with our auto fit services. We provide internal and external lighting solutions, ceiling lining replacement, instalment of extra van seating, roof racks or roof bars, bazookas, ladder posts, protection bars, tow bars, grab handles, rails, cargo barriers, tie downs and any special fit-outs you require, even wheelchair van conversions. To find out more, please visit us today at Jamieson Auto Fit.

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