Benefits of Car Seat Alteration for a Long Pain-Free Ride

05 March 2019

It’s true, driving for long periods can cause discomfort and pain. Most people commonly spend a good deal of time driving in their cars, whether commuting to work, chauffeuring their kids to school, or taking trips, it can get physically uncomfortable after a while of driving, especially when driving vehicles older than ten years. The reason is that stock car seats in older vehicles are not ergonomically designed.

Older stock car seats do not support good posture, and after driving for some time, it is common for people to feel discomfort in the shoulders, neck, the spine, hips, and legs. Thankfully, for those that experience these discomforts, it is possible to fix the problem by removing the source of the discomfort – old stock car seats – and replacing them with modern car seats that are ergonomically designed.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Long Pain-Free Ride with a Car Seat Alteration

With a modern car seat alteration it is possible to fix any car seat problem you are having. The main benefit of modern car seats is that they are conducive to good posture, and help rectify poor shoulder and neck positioning, allowing for a more comfortable and pain-free ride.

Below are some of the benefits of car seat alteration for a long pain-free ride:

Neck support – the problem with most stock car seats, old and new, is that headrests are positioned to keep your head pushed uncomfortably forward. aAlthough you are able to adjust headrests up and down, you cannot alter the position forward or backwards, but seat alteration can fix this problem.

Spine support – stock car seats often do not come with quality foam cushioning, and these will wear down fairly quickly. Without proper support for your bottom, seats will cave down and effect your posture as you drive. After a long drive it can cause back discomfort and pain. Adding new car seating with quality foam will make sure that your bottom and posture is properly supported, allowing for a long pain-free ride.

Creates more leg room – for tall people, it can be very uncomfortable to drive or ride in a vehicle when there is not enough leg room. During a long ride it can become very uncomfortable and even painful, but with car seat arrangements seating can be modified to accommodate more leg room.

You can discover other benefits of car seat alterations that will make long rides more comfortable and pain-free, by visiting Jamieson Auto Fit, we are vehicle modification experts Melbourne.

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