Benefits and Uses of Cargo Barriers

09 January 2014

Every vehicle owner that deals with carrying loads must install an essential accessory, cargo barrier. Cargo barriers are available in two types universal or custom fit. Either are beneficial for safeguarding your loads or domestic pets, it is installed in the rear section of the car and takes many shapes and forms but commonly made of metal assembled with bars of mesh. Cargo barriers are known in various terms which include mesh grille, mesh partition, load separator and pet. The main purpose of cargo barrier is to partition between the passenger area or the front side of the vehicle and the back area of the vehicle. Cargo barriers are very important in the event of vehicle collision. It acts to restrain loads or animals from colliding with the passengers and driver. Cargo barriers are commonly installed on taxis and vehicles that required to maximize the area of the trunk for effective transport of luggage, camping essentials and sports equipments.

As mentioned earlier the two types of cargo barriers are universal and custom fit. Universal barriers are less expensive but usually has a poor fit although can usually be used for multi-vehicle installation. Tailored or Custom Fit barriers can be costly but it is with a much higher built quality and firm install that provides longer lasting security. While the only advantage of universal cargo is its lower cost and easy install in multiple vehicles , it doesn’t require modification. Custom Fit cargo barriers ensures a greater level of rigidity, security and safety. Custom Fit barriers are becoming increasingly favored because of the increasing usage passenger car airbags and side protection systems.

There are different types of materials used for making cargo barriers, but a good quality cargo barrier must consist of rigid fabricated steel frame with welded mesh insert, tough coated, supports mounted to the vehicle frame or the C Posts. While cargo barriers are not designed as roll bars, it can also prevent the collapse of a vehicle roof in case of vehicle rollovers.

There are several ways for the installation of cargo barriers that can accommodate your budget, but be reminded of how much security your load requires. Ensuring the safety of your passengers must be your top priority, same amount of care must be provided for domestic animals being transported and any loads that requires to get to its destination with much needed care. Keep in mind the benefit of Cargo barrier is to keep yourself as a driver and everyone in safety.

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