Basic Guide for Choosing the Right Tow Bars and Towing Accessories for Your Vehicle

20 January 2020

Tow bars and towing accessories have been extremely helpful in situations where certain things must be brought in a specific place. Just imagine bringing your boat down to the river for your family to fish, or carrying all your things to a place for camping. These situations call for a tool that can bring all your things, no matter what they are, to a place without any damage to your vehicle.

All About Tow Bars

Tow bars are mostly attached on the back of your car, specifically on the chassis of your vehicle that takes the form of a tow ball, a tow pin, or a tow hook. Tow bars and their accompanied accessories can help you bring things without worrying about damaging your car. Even the expenses for towing your things will be lessened since you don’t have to call for a service just to bring your boat or things that you want to move or carry.

In choosing tow bars, there are four different types that you can choose from.

  • Rear Step Tow Bar: This type of tow bar is normally used on 4WDs only since it is better suited for off-road use. It is fitted by a rear step and sticks out further from the rear of the vehicle compared to other types of tow bars. Moreover, it can provide better ground clearance compared to others.
  • Flat Tongue Tow Bar:For lighter vehicles and loads, the flat tongue tow bar is the best tow bar for them. It fits well with detachable tow ball and can fit into a horizontal slot on the tow bar. Flat tongue tow bar is secured by using two large bolts that are placed through the top of the hitch.
  • Horizontal Hitch Tow Bar:This type of tow bar is suitable for heavier loads. It has a square tongue that is connected to the trailer hitch. To keep the receiver secure, a sturdy metal pin is inserted through the side of the hitch.
  • Swan Neck Tow Bar:Unlike other tow bars, swan neck tow bar is attached to the tow bar permanently. With this form factor, it eliminates the need to be connected and detached for each use.

Guidelines in Choosing Tow Bars

Apart from choosing the right type of tow bar, you must also consider some factors in buying the right fit for you. First, you must see to it that your tow bar meets the standards set by Australia. Buying imported tow bars can pose serious risks to your safety since some of them are intended to use by other countries. Just make sure that the tow bar is compliant to the Australian standards by looking for the compliance plate. This plate is usually located under the tow bar or on the inside frame.

Another thing that you must watch out for is the compatibility of the available tow bars to your new vehicle. Sometimes, new vehicles have modifications that aren’t suitable for the existing tow bars. At this point, manufacturers of tow bar may be developing a new design of their product that is fit on your new vehicle. Ask them first before buying and installing one.

In installing a tow bar, you must see to it that it will not affect your reversing sensors. Different vehicles have different reversing sensor placement that can be crucial in installing a tow bar. Check with the tow bar manufacturer about the available options for your vehicle since they know how to work with different types of vehicles.

The weight of your load, type of the vehicle, and the prices of the tow bar and other towing accessories are pretty much your obvious considerations in choosing tow bar and towing accessories. If ever you are new in installing tow bar and towing accessories, we can help you know this craft. Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can provide you all your towing needs right away.

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